I’m an Abstract Expressionist which makes me somewhat of a storyteller with shapes. Color, texture and pattern are the elements of my work.


I’m frequently asked, “What is it?” or “What does it mean?”.  I usually explain my inspiration: the play between two colors, an image caught out of the corner of my eye, something born of experimentation or accident. Sometimes it’s profound. Other times it’s just a lark. I’m more concerned with the juxtaposition between the elements of color, shape and texture than whatever esoteric significance might be derived.  I love when people study a piece and draw their own meaning from my work. To some, it is very literal –an object, a feeling. But others see a whole universe of emotions.  They describe an entire scenario that has meaning and validity to them. That fascinates me. They have found something that speaks to them.


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      Unspoken Series

      The scrawled, raw, visceral mark of a object etching through the surface beneath. 

      Larger than Life

      This series is an amalgamation of other series, singling out larger works.  These works are create expressly for larger installations.

      King of the Road

      A visual exploration of some famous roads, journeys, and expeditions.


      Abstract mixed-media botanicals inspired by nature

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