Artist Statement

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been doing art. Its just a part of who I am. At times it has gotten pushed aside by life, but after 50 years, I’m accepting it is my life.

After the requisite 20 years of experimenting with every media from finger paints to oils, I found my true passion in printmaking. I created hundreds, if not more, abstract monotypes.  I loved it. But printmaking is hard work: lots of heavy things, lots of chemicals.  I’ve taken a break from it but the smell of a jar of litho ink still gets my head rolling. I still have my press and I’m contemplating a soy based ink workshop.  Stay tuned.

Its probably that printmaking foundation that has me working in series.  I create bodies of work, all of a similar nuance.  Sometimes it feel like a disconnect between one series and the next. Mostly it just me running down some rabbit hole trying to figure out what speaks to me and what doesn’t.

The creation process is still alive and I’m currently enchanted with a gray scale series called Unspoken.


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