Unspoken Series

I’m drawn to scratched in lines in the work of others; the scrawled, raw, visceral mark of a object etching through the surface beneath.  When I started to experiment with these pieces, I went back to a gray scale, using a limited palette, working out the nuts and bolts before adding in color.  I found the pieces so evocative in their monochrome state that I’ve continued using very little color – a significant departure from other work.

Humility Begins to Unravel

9" x 60"

Currently available

The Perfect Aim of Fate

30" x 30"

Currently available

The Rabbithole of Jealousy

30 x 30

Currently available

The Grit of the Pearl

16" x 16"

Currently Available

The Boomerang of Grief

4) 16 x 16 panels

Currently Available

Giving up the Ghosts

9" x 42"

Currently available

Absence of Language

9 16 x 16 panels
Grouping $2890 individual $460

Currently available

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